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1. 1st forum: “How to deal with the matter of telecommunication company’s blocking mVoIP service and their need for burden sharing of network management cost,” 3rd May 2012.

  • Chair: Koo Bon Kwon (Online Editor of the Hankyoreh)

  • Panel: Kim, Keechang(Korea University Lawschool professor, Director of OpenNet), Kim Sungcheon (Korea Consumer Agency), Kim Hyuk (Seoul Broadcasting Sytem), Lee Yong-Gook(CJ Hello Vision), Han Jong Ho(NHN)

2. 2nd forum: “Internet Traffic Management; what is the problem?,” 9th July 2012.

  • Chair: Kim, Keechang (Korea University Lawschool professor, Director of OpenNet)

  • Panel: Kang Jang-Mook (Dongguk University), Lee ByungSeon (Daum communications), Lee JeongHwan(Media Today), Oh Byung-il(Korean Progressive Network JinboNet), Yoon WonCheol(KINX)

3. 3rd forum: “Internet Traffic Management; invasion of privacy?,” 6th September, 2012.

  • Chair: Kang Jeong-Soo (Researcher, Communication Research Institute of Yonsei – University, Director of OpenNet)

  • Presentation: Technical issues of Internet Traffic Management (Kang, Jang-Mook, Professor, Electronic Commerce Research Institute of Dongguk University)

  • Panel: Yi, Chang-Beom(Korea Internet Law Association), Jang Yeo Kyong(Korean Progressive Network Jinbo net), Summerz(Ournet.kr)

4. Open forum: Controversy over ‘Voice Talk (mVoIP service)’ of Kakao Talk and Net Neutrality, 14th June 2012.

  • Chair: Koo Bon Kwon (Online Editor of the Hankyoreh)

  • Panel: Kim Keechang(Korea University), Park SeokChol(Seoul Broadcasting System), Lee SeokWoo(Kakao Talk), CHUN, Eung-Hwi(OpenNet), Jo SeongJoo(Youth Community Union)

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