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1. Filed an inspection KCC for its dereliction of duty to Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea , 12nd July 2012.

  • KCC overlooked the accusation on telecommunication companies (SK Telecom and KT) for blocking mVoIP service.

  • KCC approved mobile phone service contract terms that enable telecommunication company to block mVoIP service.

  • KCC overlooked KT’s blocking Smart TV service.

2. The first ‘Internet Hall of Shame; Internet real name verification policy’, 3rd November 2012.

  • NNUF held the ‘Internet Hall of Shame’ Award Ceremony at Internet Festival named ‘스릉흔드'.

  • The award is designed for public to remember the people who contributed to make a bad internet policy (Internet real name verification policy), which caused negative effect on end user’s rights to use internet freely.

  • Winner:

Jin Dae Jae (directed the policy)

Lee Sang Bae (proposed the bill)

Won Hee Ryong (took a leading role to publicize)

Byun Jae-il (took a leading role to resolve the bill)

Ra Bong Ha (took a working level role)

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