NNUF Actions - Press Release


1. Refuted telecommunication companies’ stance against the accusation on mVoIP blocking, 5th December 2011.

  • Refuted to the mobile carriers’ opinion

  1. Blocking mVoIP service is based on the service contract terms that KCC have approved.

  2. Voice call is exclusive service with which only licensed telecommunication company can provide.

  3. Blocking the service is necessary for management of heavy internet traffic

2. Submitted NNUF’s official opinion over KCC’s Net Neutrality Guideline, 14th December 2011.

  • NNUF claimed that discrimination of new application service such as mVoIP violates net neutrality principle.

  • NNUF also claimed that KCC should disclose internet traffic statistics, operate advisory committee publicly.

3. Presented NNUF’s official opinion on Korea Telecom’s blocking Smart TV service, 9th February 2012.

  • NNUF claimed that KT should stop blocking Smart TV service because it violates ‘Guideline on net neutrality’ as well as ‘Telecommunications Business Act.’

  • NNUF also claimed that Government should punish KT immediately and deal with the accusation with regard to mVoIP blocking.

4. Pressed KCC for prompt settlement of blocking mVoIP and Smart TV service, 14th February 2012.

  • NNUF claimed mVoIP and Smart TV should be treated equally.

  • NNUF also claimed that KCC should disclose internet traffic statistics the major reason on which telecommunications company have insisted to justify blocking of mVoIP service.

5. Asked KCC publicly on mVoIP blocking , 14th March 2012.

6. Announced three ‘main issue point of net neutrality,’ 8th, 9th, 10th May 2012.

  • 1st issue point: permitting consumers to use mVoIP service only on high price calling plan

  • 2nd issue point: additional network construction cost and burden sharing

  • 3rd issue point: unlimited data plan and the role of KCC

7. Announced official opinion over the general permission mVoIP service of LG U+, 13rd June 2012.

  • NNUF welcomed LG U+ permitting consumers to use mVoIP service regardless of data plan.

  • NNUF announced that mVoIP service does not hinder social welfare.

8. Presented NNUF’s official opinion KCC’s “Model Internet Traffic Management,” 13rd July 2102.

  • NNUF took the opposite stance on KCC’s model internet traffic management because it is neither clear nor impartial.

9. Announced the stance on mVoIP and MVNO market

  • Refuted an argument that mVoIP serviced does result in profit loss of MVNO

  • Raised a question on unfair terms of contract between telecommunication company and MVNO provider and exorbitant rent for using network.

10. Asked KCC publicly its authoritative opinion of blocking mVoIP service, 25th July 2012.

11. Announced NNUF’s official opinion on each presidential candidate’s IT policy, 12dn September 2012.

  • Asked each Democratic Unity Party (DUP) presidential candidate the stance on IT policy

  • Each and every candidate supported net neutrality principle and opposed the blocking P2P traffic policy

12. Announced “18th President Election; Policy Recommendation on IT for Information Democracy,” 23rd October 2012.

  • IT Policy Recommendation for Democracy of information and Fair Trade

1. Guarantee of net neutrality

Net neutrality principle should be guaranteed in order for any telecommunication company neither to discriminate among application services nor to deteriorate quality of the particular service. End-user has the right to choose any content, application or service freely over the internet. NNUF will initiate an end-user oriented ‘net neutrality act’ legislation.

2. Assessment of telecommunication service fee and information disclosure obligation

Citizen has the right to know fair and competitive telecommunication service fee. The Communication Committee of Korea should carry out the assessment of current telecommunication charge level independently by outsourced independent expertise utilizing information submitted by telecommunication companies. KCC also has the obligation to disclosure the assessment information publicly.

3. Abolishment any administrative censorship

Korea Communications Standards Commission should abolish its administrative censorship which freezes free speech and also has a high possibility of being abused as political persecution.

4. Magnifying the role of Personal Information Protection Commission(PIPC) of Korea

For PIPC to perform protection role on personal information properly, NNUF claims that PIPC should not only have the right to investigate and make corrective measures, but the independence and discretion on budget and human resource planning.

5. Abolishment of excessive copyright regulation and guarantee of end-user’s right

In order for copyright not to hinder free speech, creation and innovative service development, NNUF argues the scope of non-commercial fair use to be broadened. Excessive regulation on copyright such as filtering obligation on particular online service provider such as web storage service and three -strike out policy on copyright infringement should be abolished.

6. Abolishment of SIGN KOREA certification policy

Digital Signature Act regulating SIGN KOREA, which is not consistent with global standard, should be abolished.

7. Strengthening independence, expertise and transparency of Korea Communication Commission

To guarantee independence and publicity of broadcasting and communication, KCC should focus on setting public policies as well as regulating role and transfer its industry promotion role to the ministry in charge of industry. NNUF claims that KCC to have an institutional framework for performing its roles independent from real politics and strengthening its transparency and openness.

12. Urged abolishment of ‘Internet real name verification system’ on Public Official Election Act, 12nd November 2012.

13. Asked three major presidential candidates about IT policy and announced assessment of His or Her IT Policy, 21st November 2012.

(i) Park Keun Hye : Her policy resembles that of the former government, does not reflect social reality.

(ii) Moon Jaein : His policy advocates free internet but detailed policy does not fit in this motto.

(iii) Ahn Chul Soo : His policy is most innovative but lacks details

Park Keun Hye

Moon Jaein

Ahn Chul Soo

Guarantee Net Neutrality




Telecommunication Fee Assessment

and Obligating Information Disclosure




Abolish Administrative censorship




Magnifying PIPC’s Role




Abolishment of excessive copyright regulation








Strengthening independence, expertise and transparency of KCC




14. Announced NNUF’s official opinion on KCC’s “Model Internet Traffic Management,” 29th November 2012.

  • NNUF opposed the Model because it does not reflect the opinion of general public or end users.

  • KCC reserved to adopt the model until gathering the opinion of general public.

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